Chapter Elections


The HIMSS New York State Board of Directors includes 8 positions. All positions are two (2) year terms with the President-Elect position automatically sliding into the President's role at the end of the 2-year term. Each term commences on July 1st and ends 2 years after on June 30th. The 2020 HIMSS NYS Chapter Board Members are listed below.  

Position  Name Term End 
President Nicholas Christiano  June 2021
President-Elect Anthony Ferrante  June 2021
Treasurer  Sebastien Roy  June 2022
Secretary Armand Morrison  June 2021
Director-At-Large Eileen Achacoso  June 2021
Director-At-Large Helen Figge  June 2021
Director-At-Large Azmat Z Ahmad  June 2022
Director-At-Large Mary Joy Garcia-Dia  June 2022


The annual election timeline is outlined below. Exact timelines will be released each year, in mid-March: 

Phase  Annual timeline
Candidate submissions  From early April to the end of April
Candidate campaign From early May to mid-May 
Election period From mid-May to early June
Election results  Mid-June
New term begins July 1