HIMSS 2020 Scholarship Announcement

The New York Chapter 2020 Scholarship Program

Sponsored by the HIMSS New York State Chapter



Established and funded by the HIMSS New York State Chapter in 2014, these awards are provided to financially assist a college student.

  • Two scholarships will be awarded:

    • $2,500 for a Graduate or Doctorate level student

    • $1,500 for Bachelors or Associate’s level student

  • Winners will also be provided with a one-year membership to HIMSS.

  • The scholarship will be announced prior to the New York State annual Mini-HIMSS conference in New York City in June 2020.


Applicants for the New York Chapter Scholarship must fulfill these minimum requirements:

  • Submit a 500-word essay that discusses one of the following three topics:

    • How can HIMSS be more impactful in managing the links between the various stakeholders in the Healthcare market? Describe two methods.

    • What do you see as the greatest impact to improving healthcare delivery in the next two years?

    • What do you see as the biggest healthcare industry hurdle(s) in the delivery of healthcare in the US today and why?

  • The applicant must either live in New York State or attend a school located in New York State.

  • The applicant, at the time the scholarship is awarded, must be that of a full-time student or that of a part-time student currently taking at least (min.) 6 credit hours in an accredited undergraduate, Masters or PhD program related to the healthcare information management systems field.

    • The specific degree program is not a critical factor, although it is expected that programs similar to those in industrial engineering, operations research, healthcare informatics, computer science, information systems, mathematics, and quantitative programs in business administration and hospital administration will predominate.

  • Undergraduate applicants must be at least a first-term junior when the scholarship is awarded.

  • Previous scholarship winners are ineligible.

Winning essayists will be expected to actively participate in the operations and activities of the New York State HIMSS Chapter by:

  • Volunteering for a sub-committee (~20 hours/year) of the Board

  • Attendance at the monthly (1 hour) Board of Director’s meeting conference calls.

How to Enter:

Please email your essay submission, school affiliation, recent photo, school program/degree being pursued and completecontact information (First and Last name, HIMSS membership # (if a HIMSS member), complete mailing address, phone number and email address) by May 15, 2020 11:59PM to: [email protected].

2020 New York Chapter Scholarship Program Overview